MAIT Inaugurates its first eastern region Kolkata office

 MAIT has announced the opening of MAIT Eastern region office to strengthen its reach and help industry to develop a global competitive Indian IT Industry to promote the usage of IT in Eastern India. The initiative helps MAIT to further strengthen the role of IT in national economic development by bringing the focus in eastern region.  

MAIT East office was inaugurated symbolically by Chief Guest, Mamata Banerjee, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt of West Bengal at Milan Mela Exhibition Complex and was received by MAIT President Dr. Alok Bharadwaj. MAIT has its presence in all the parts of the country except eastern region, but this initiative aims to reach out to stakeholders of bigger IT ecosystem in east create a wider awareness & engagement.

During the new MAIT office opening, Dr. Alok Bharadwaj, President, MAIT said: “Our vision is to take IT to remotest part of the country and expand its use and deployment. India has Rs 70,000 Cr of IT hardware industry and east contributes 16% of that which is sizable.More importantly, state of west Bengal is planning many progressive initiatives that will need more deployment of IT hardware and services. We want to actively participate in the economic progress of east by encouraging integration of more IT, manufacturing, design and innovation etc and to engage with the government. We also want to increase the MAIT membership base in East and plan to increase the PC penetration and proliferation of IT in the region”.

“As East India’s biggest IT event ‘Infocom’ is being held in Kolkata, it was felt most appropriate to open MAIT office in Kolkata to coincide with this.” Dr. Bharadwaj added.

Several senior industry leaders from the various fields gathered together to brainstorm the issues at hand. The theme for the discussion was inclusion which means active participation of the largest number of people both in the creation and sharing of wealth and prosperity to the greatest equitable benefit of all. The discussion brings out the following key points: 

  • Reaching the unreached through technology driven system
  • How education and awareness building can be an instrument for social empowerment
  • Promoting innovations and entrepreneurship for low cost technology driven solution
  • Promoting gender inclusivity through social media
  • Promoting technology as a tool for employment generation, poverty reduction and human development


During the strategy forum the agenda for discussion was “Developing millennium leaders: Learning from the gurus” This session will focus on leaders sharing their own experiences and how they have overcome:

  • Pending leadership shortage
  • Day to day challenges
  • Identifying potentials and inclusion in the pool
12-Dec-2011 10:03:27