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Netrack Launches NRS-e Series Racks

Netrack Launches NRS-e Series Racks

Netrack, a leading solutions provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, today announced the launch of UL certified NRS-e series ultra rigid enhanced racks to suit high density applications running in data centers and server rooms. These racks assure 100% compatibility with all equipments conforming to DIN 41494 industrial standards. The NRS-e series also posses additional features like intelligent locking and rack monitoring. (IP & Standalone)

NSR-e series a ultra rigid frames are designed and welded with 4 pillars consisting of 14 gauge steel sheet with 6 folded profile welded steel sheet to top and bottom reinforce. The frame is additionally supported depth wise by welding 6 depth rail of which 4 is folded 75mm16 gauge profiles. The top cover is provisioned for mounting exhaust blower and consist adjustable duct to free the exhaust hot air through false ceiling to PAC unit. The front convex perforated steel door is provided with lock & key and back perforated /plain dual steel door with lock & key and plain dual side panels with free standing on plinth.

16-Apr-2014 17:27:15