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NITNUI TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd: Printing Redefined!!

NITNUI TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd: Printing Redefined!!

With the development / advancement of time, a plethora of players are marking their entry by introducing the most recent updated technological product themselves and consumables for office equipment segments, but only a few of them are able to prove their worth. One such leader is Vijex Group is among the successful ones to touch the peak with sheer dedication strenuous work and sincerity, vijex has been able to reach its peak and this initiates a new venture. Vijex group has started a 3D Printer / 3D printing under the name of NITNUI TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd.

NITNUI TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd is a name that means everyday something new that sets itself apart from crowd through extensive market research, continuous innovation, contemporary products, innovative engineering and most importantly sensing the market trend at its first place. It aims to bring in new technological product and consumables for office equipment segments converting potential customers in to clients They have managed to build an enviable reputation based on excellence, commitment and expertise. They intend to further strengthen their brand with the highest levels of innovation, product excellence and customer trust by introducing 3D Printers and its technology.

 In fact, NITNUI TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd is committed to introduce 3D technology printers in India on a mass level. It is a common perception that 3D technology is generally useful for Designers, Architects and making prototypes, but NITNUI TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd opines that this technology can be used for any kind of purpose by anyone for a general and specific purpose. Masses will accept like computer and samartphone  as these 3D printers can be operated with basic knowledge of computer.

Therefore they decided to sell these product utility shop called as 3D print shop (Photocopier shop owner, document centers , photo Studio shop and so on and also to school (primary to higher secondary) and college of all stream)

When questioned about the trending 3D printing technology and also about company’s recent offerings in 3D Printers segment, that Navratan Baid, Director, NITNUI TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd, stated, “The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. In an additive manufacturing process an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual object.

3D printing has many technologies such as FDM, DLP, SLA, STL, DMD, EBM and SLM etc. We can make an object of our choice and design uses are such as customize item, gift it, can replace greeting card, mask, Statue, Bust (sculpture), mannequin, photos, Name plate, prototypes, chain and many more”.

“At present, we have a range of printers of FDM technology and DLP technology and printers are defined by size (XYZ), material and speed”.He added

With such modern day printing solutions, NITNUI TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd. is looking to tap the industries like Automobiles, plastic, Architecture, Designers, Art pieces manufacturers, Dye makers, jewelry manufacturers, silver and artificial jewelry manufacturers, and house hold item manufacturers.          

Benefits of 3D printer is being taught under the skill India programme and by many other educational institutes and sooner or later it will become a curriculum of school / colleges. It will in fact revolutionalize the day to day life activities of people eg. smart phone has changed the meaning of phone.

 3D printers are very cost effective as this closely guarded technology is opened to a certain extent. And at present apart from USA, Germany and UK, other Asian countries have also started to manufacture 3D printers and therefore the cost has reduced.

Nitnui Technology Pvt Ltd has a 3D pen printer to dual color printer.

On being questioned about the kind of monetary profit a 3D print shop owner can make if he installed  printer in his premises , Baid answered “3D printing technology is a time consuming process and less raw material is used in proportionate to time. Therefore it will have to charge on the basis of area, time. In general, an average business of Rs.1000 per day can be an additional income to the jobber (Photostat / Studio).

Talking about the steps that company would be taking so that the products gain wide acceptance  among the masses he informed that Nitnui plans to approaches the people / public apart from the conventional method of popularsing product such as ad in magazines, SMS, mailers etc., we will use manpower to approach existing Photostat jobbers / studio owner in metro cities and “A” Grade cities in first phase. We will approach schools (Primary to higher secondary), engineering college and other educational institutes as well.

NITNUI TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd. believes in high values, ethics and transparency in the business by keeping its dealers and customers updated about the recent products and their uses. The company will be leaving no stone unturned to gain a name that will be synonymous to trust, quality and commitment.  Taking its legacy from the Vijex group, trust remains the motto of NITNUI TECHNOLOGY Pvt. Ltd. and the company intends to provide good service support, supply quality consumables and insists on reliable quality suppliers. In fact they have registering products with BIS. , They offer sales and service support to their dealer & customer and have a helpline working from 10am to 8 pm to support and solve their problem. They have an extensive training and skill development program for users, customers and dealers.

The Company has many colorful feathers and its erstwhile shining plume and is all set to achieve new heights in coming time

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