Norton Encourages Indian Consumers to Stay Safe Online for Safer Internet Day 2013

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Safer Internet Day which is held to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology, particularly with the increasing accessibility of the internet on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, mostly amongst the younger generations across the world.

Safer Internet Day, held on Tuesday 5th February, is coordinated by the Insafe network of Safer Internet Centre’s across Europe, and co-funded by the European Commission. The day will see stakeholders including Norton coming together across the globe to celebrate this day.  The theme for this year is ‘Connect with Respect’.

 ‘Connect with Respect’ was created to help inform, educate and advise users on how to improve their personal safety while surfing online, taking responsibility for their own actions while also respecting the rights of others. One of the main issues of online safety is cyberbullying, which is increasingly becoming a serious concern and can happen online or on mobile phones. It’s important for adults to educate their children in online etiquette to ensure they avoid talking to strangers or accepting friend requests from people they don’t know, and to limit their time allowed online or by restricting the apps they download on their mobile phones to prevent such things from happening. Effendy Ibrahim, Norton Internet Safety Advocate & Director, Asia, Norton by Symantec, has provided the following top 10 tips for parents and care givers for ensuring young people remain protected online:


1.            Don’t give out your personal information


2.            What goes online, stays online


3.            Check your security and privacy settings


4.            Password safety

 5.            Always protect your mobile device

 6.            Don’t talk to strangers online or offline

7.            Listen to the adults who know

 8.            Be wary of unsecured or unknown websites

 9.            Be careful what links you click on

 10.          Make sure your security software is up to date

“Safer Internet Day is an annual reminder of how careful we need to be when we are online,” said Effendy. “Norton is encouraging individuals to manage their children’s growing online independence by educating them on the many serious dangers on the Internet and to ensure they can surf the web knowing they are protected from the threats out in cyberspace today.”

Make sure when you connect to the internet, you do it in a safe and secure manner to keep your personal information and devices protected.

9-Feb-2013 08:28:26