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PNY launches HP TF C10 Memory Card

PNY launches HP TF C10 Memory Card

PNY Technologies considered one of the worldwide leaders in consumer electronics market and memory products, has officially announce the release of the HP TF Class 10 memory cards, in current age the need for more data storage has become more important than ever. The HP TF Micro SDHC and SDXC class 10 significantly improves a consumer’s digital lifestyle and to bring breakthrough performance in speed and capacity, it’s the fast data transfer speed, making it an ideal storage media.

The HP TF Class 10 is available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, and the speed rating of Class 10 provides unrivalled read/write performance clocked at a minimum of 10MB/s and are compatible with many of the latest mobiles phones including Android smartphones, BlackBerry Devises, GPS systems, mobile gaming consoles, also with devices ranging from the latest hi-megapixel cameras and HD camcorders to hi-end DSLRs, laptops, and the increasingly popular Tablet PCs and also provides faster data transfer rates and the various capacities help satisfy storage needs for users, from high-resolution pictures, high-quality music, to numerous downloaded applications.  The HP TF Class 10 memory card extends the device’s capacity and potential to the fullest, while bringing a smooth, enriched entertainment experience on the go with no lagging behind. The HP Micros cards are rated Class 10 which guarantees fast transfer speeds so you can quickly transfer and share your content while you’re on the go.

It offers additional storage for more music, videos, pictures and apps, more of everything the consumers’ needs in today’s mobile world. Insufficient storage space created by massive files or failure to capture a beautiful moment due to lack of storage will no longer be of any concern.  

HP TF Micro Class 10 is backed by lifetime product warranty.

2-Aug-2014 09:50:12