PNY launches HP x750w Elegant glossy, metallic pen drive

Early this month, HP launched its limited edition Attaché Dragon flash drive and now the company brings an all new metallic USB flash drive – X750w. This new flash drive is an addition to the metallic silver X750w portable storage solutions from the company. HP has been rolling out some nifty portable flash drive solutions sporting good looks with solid metal design, lustrous design, and a classy steel finish. Besides classy looks, it comes with a hook at the end of the drive to enable its users to hook it to a bag, purse, keychain, backpacks as an accessory. 

The Elegant glossy, metallic HP X750w isn’t the usual plastic built flash drive, and has been crafted from rugged material that offers resistance to damage. The cap-less design negates the worries of losing the cap. It measures 5mm x 15.8mm x 46.6mm and weighs 11.5 g. So, the drive is highly portable, light-in-weight, with a carabineer or mountaineer's sky hook at one end. Start of the year, the Clip Attaché was launched, which blends efficient storage and vanity feature. Here again it came with metallic casing, but printed with floral designs of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, which are inspired by the traditional Seiko art.

The HP X750w is available 16GB and 32GB storage capacities, allowing users to pick the flash drive depending upon their storage requirement. The drive features USB 3.0 interface and offers backward capability to even older ports. It supports maximum read speed of 18 MB/s and write speed of 8 MB/s and is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7, and even on Mac OS 10.3 and above operating systems. HP’s this portable solution claims to be apt for easily carrying and sharing music, photos, videos, and other data, in a small form factor. 

27-Jan-2015 13:41:37