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PNY reveals their versatile range of Hook Series USB flash drives

PNY reveals their versatile range of Hook Series USB flash drives

PNY Technologies world renowned manufacturer of USB and Memory products, has officially released an assortment of Hook Series USB Flash Drives. These metal Flash Drives feature a unique design that sets them apart from other USB
Drives available in the market today. Each of these USB Flash Drives feature an integrated hook-and-lock mechanism that offers safe and secure storage for all of your important files. Specially crafted with high-quality metal housing and polished designs, each of the PNY Hook USB Flash Drives are durable enough to withstand daily and rigorous use. These flash drives can hook on to everything that it is attached. You can attach your Hook USB Drive to your wallet, bag, purse, belt loops and other accessories. The Hook series of PNY USB Flash Drives are ultra-compact and extremely portable in size - perfectly suited to carry your files anytime and anywhere.

The PNY Hook series range includes a variety of designs and features under their diverse range of USB flash drives:

Hook Attache , Transformer Attache ,  Mini Hook Attache , Gold Hook Attache 3.0 , Hook Attache 3.0

 The Hook series of flash drives are available at storage options varying from 4GB to 64GB. All the models work smoothly with all the recent versions of Windows operating system and also Mac OS 10.3 and above. The Hook Series USB Flash Drives offer 5 years of limited warranty

5-Feb-2015 15:52:02