PORTRONICS Hits the market with LIMEBOX

Portronics has launched a new product under the name of LIMEBOX . Lime box is a small entertainment powerhouse that will forever change the way your surf internet and Watch TV. Now layback on your couch and get hold of that wireless keyboard or mouse and start surfing web, download apps from the Android market, play games, watch YouTube videos, do video calling, view word, Excel, PPTs all on your TV. This device can also be used as a Media player for your TV and you will be able to watch downloaded movies, Music and pictures in various formats and all this at HD 1080 P.

Web, Videos, Android apps, on TV: It can be flawlessly integrated on the best screen in home - TV. Portronics Limebox is powered by Google Android — bringing it together is seamless and simple.

Movies, TV shows, music, photos, browsing, and more. All on the widescreen TV with convenient wireless keyboard or mouse:

Portronics Limebox gives anytime access to endless entertainment. Thousands of HD movies and TV shows from YouTube in stunning 1080P which can be played through Limebox on HDTV - just click and watch.

Setting up Limebox takes almost no time at all. People need to just plug the power cord into the wall and connect Limebox to their widescreen TV using an HDMI cable or RGB cable. It also exposes the Limebox to the Wi-Fi environment or connects to the Ethernet cable.

Limebox sits neatly on a TV stand or in a crowded media cabinet. And the included Limebox remote makes it easy to get to favourite entertainment. Instead people can use any wireless keyboard or mouse to cater to entertainment.

limebox_Back.jpgDig into apps—from news to entertainment, business to education. Whatever you're into, you can find an app that's into it, too.

It has redesigned to fit into HDTV in full screen, it features the browser so people can easily see and surf the Web from their couch with the world’s most popular search engine. And Limebox supports Flash video, so people can watch the best of the Web—including HD video in full screen.

Limebox doesn't just bring the Web to the TV with Google; it also gives an easy and quick way to navigate the Web thanks to its full-size wireless keyboard or mouse (not included).

13-Apr-2012 09:30:10