Portronics Releases “CHARGE IT” for Tablets and Mobiles

Portronics has introduced the charging device called as “CHARGE IT”. It is a unique device that allows you to charge your Tablets including iPads, Samsung Galaxy note and others through your computer, by connecting them through the USB. This feature exists by default in Mobiles but not in Tablets. The CHARGE IT is the intermediary that allows you this freedom to connect the Tablet to the computers.

The 3 pain areas to be addressed:

Charge Tablets

Fast Charge Smart Phones

Computer should be on to charge phones

Charge it solves all the three problems seamlessly:

  • Allows you to charge tablets directly through computer. It enables 1.3A of current that allows you to shorten the charging of tablets to less than 4.5 hrs
  • Smart phones charges almost at the same speed as they are on AC adapter. Most of the smart phones can be charged within 1-2 hrs time
  • Upgrade the laptop as the big power bank. One can charge the phones through the laptops even if they are on sleep mode
9-Aug-2012 04:25:30