Portronics Rolls Out POR 315 Pico HD Projectors

Portronics has launched POR 315 Pico projector, one of the India’s brightest battery-powered Pico projectors. The Palm-sized POR 315 Pico projector enables one to live the High definition lifestyle with additional HDMI input, resolution supporting 1024X600.

 The Light weighted POR 315 is both a true pocket projector and a powerful mobile computing platform. It has SD card slot which allows for memory expansion featuring in-built lithium ion battery of 3000 mAh, providing back up of two hours on a single charge. The portable projector is convenient to use as it provides direct projection from the USB drive.

 Additional features include composite video input, VGA input, and 1 watt onboard speaker. The POR 315 Pico projector comes with a dazzling 45 lumen optical engine powered by LCOS  Combined with vibrant colours the POR 315 features long-life 20,000 hour LEDs and can deliver a brilliant colourful image up to 80”. Full assortment of I/O ports, including USB, VGA, HDMI and video, allows for easy connection to most analog or digital devices.

POR 315 Pico projector is priced at Rs. 23,000/- and is available across the country. The projector has no maintenance cost.

7-Feb-2012 12:58:42