PORTRONICS Rolls Out Wireless Mouse –“Imooze”

Adding another one in the wireless mice segment, Portronics, one of the emerging pioneers in innovative, portable and digital devices is thrilled to announce the launch of Imooze - wireless mouse. This is one of the most elegantly designed wireless mouse which is being introduced in the industry. The sleek mouse designed for comfort, also stores the micro USB dongle inside the mouse so it will not be lost.

Imooze comes with very unique four DPI settings ranging from 500 DPI for the artists to 1750 DPI for the gamers. At 500 DPI the scrolling is much slower so it is useful for the designers however, the gamers need speed which is catered through 1750 DPI. One needs to click the left and right mouse button for three seconds to change the DPI settings.

The device is also compact, people can easily carry it with themselves when they go out. Imooze is currently available in 3 different colours combining of – black & orange, black & blue and white & pink. It offers a perfect mix of precision, performance and comfort – letting people freely interact with the digital world, a place where people can spend an ever-increasing amount of time.

Pricing and Availability: 

Priced at Rs. 799/-, the Portronics Imooze is available across the country in 3 different colours combining of – Black & Orange, Black & Blue and White & Pink.

22-Mar-2012 13:36:03