Portronics Unfurls the PowerPack 4000

Understanding the importance of charged battery to stay connected for mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices like speakers, Bluetooth headsets, etc, Portronics, a leader in portable and digital devices introduces its portable power device called, PowerPack 4000. PowerPack is a one stop solution to charge devices like mobiles, tablets, Mp3 players, portable speakers etc.

A portable power comes with high capacity and has three different charging, voltage and current selections. It is designed to power virtually any portable device using technology of lithium polymer batteries with smart LED indicators of battery power inside so people get aware of the remaining power anytime. PowerPack 4000 is a universal charger and can be used by simply connecting it with one of the connectors and allows the USB cable to give instant power to the device.


Consists of 3 different voltage and current selections

Ø  5V,  600 mA,     Ø  5V,  1500 mA,       Ø  9V ,  600 mA

·         Can charge all Mobiles, Tablets, Mp3, Portable speakers, etc

·         LED indicator to show the battery power availability

·         Bundled with 7 different connectors

·         Charge can sustain for many months if not consumed

 Portronics PowerPack 4000 is priced at Rs. 1,999/-, and is available across the country. The Power Pack 4000 has no additional maintenance cost.

15-Mar-2012 10:07:38