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Portronics Unleashes “Scanny 5”

Portronics Unleashes “Scanny 5”

Portronics has unveiled a rechargeable scanner- Scanny 5.  After launching a series of portable scanners - Scanny 1, 2, 3 and 4- Portronics presents the 5th scanner in the series– Scanny 5. With the rechargeable battery incorporation, scanning would never become a problem for a Portronics user. In one charge, Scanny 5 can scan 1200 pages and can easily be charged through the AC plug within a few minutes. With Scanny 5, you can scan a document of more than 4 feet in length and width of an A4 page at a time.

The white-coloured Scanny 5 is simple yet classy in its look with a rectangular shape. It weighs just 190 gms and is easy to carry on your business trips.  It is lightweight but has a robust design in terms of usability. Scanny 5 gives the option to vary the scan quality depending on the requirements; ranging from 300 DPI to 900 DPI. The added feature to Scanny 5 is the option to receive the scan output in either the JPEG or the PDF format.   Scanny 5 comes bundled with ABBY software that converts the PDF/JPG image to Word and Excel files.

 The device is available at an MRP of Rs. 6,999 INR and is available across India

27-Feb-2013 13:40:00