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Redwood Systems Launches Next Generation Intelligent Platform for Lighting and Building Performance

Redwood Systems Launches Next Generation Intelligent Platform for Lighting and Building Performance

Redwood Systems, a CommScope company providing intelligent building-performance lighting, has released its next generation Gen-3 platform for commercial properties. This intelligent platform delivers dynamic, real-time building
intelligence within a cost-effective lighting solution. Both facilities and datacentres can gain immediate energy savings and improve operational efficiency around building performance.
LED (light emitting diode) lights powered and controlled by this advanced Redwood platform are competitively priced with other commercial lighting systems. The new Gen-3 platform includes a new Engine-3, new environmental  sensors and a director to centrally store available building data. In addition to energy savings from lighting, Redwood’s platform provides customers with intelligent data on space utilisation and temperature across commercial offices,  data centers and schools. Facility managers and property owners use this data to make more informed, cost-effective decisions for lighting, heating and cooling, as well as strategic real estate portfolio plans.
A software upgrade to a cloud-based data warehouse is in development. This will give facilities managers and data analytics firms the ability to analyse real-time and historic data across multiple campus locations.
The new Redwood Engine-3 delivers the optimal amount of power to an LED fixture and simplifies in-field installation. With 70 percent more power per channel than the previous model, one engine can power and control significantly more lighting. New RJ45 input ports on the engine’s front panel enables standard category cable to be quickly connected and provide power, control and communications with lighting fixtures and sensors. Additionally, the new  architecture will be able to support two LED fixtures on a single CommScope Category-6 cable, further reducing the installed cost. These optimisations make the Gen-3 solution a cost effective, superior choice to traditional
fluorescent technology.
“While Big Data has taken the IT industry by storm, the ability to act on this explosion of information can transform almost any industry,” said Kevin St. Cyr, senior vice president of Enterprise Solutions, CommScope. “This is especially true with commercial properties that use sensors to collect data on energy and operational information. But without a robust analytics function to make sense of the data and turn it into something applicable, it is essentially useless. Redwood can now offer its customers a best-in-class means to both collect and synthesise the data for actionable insights.”
“Redwood Systems is committed to ushering in the next generation of intelligent buildings through lighting,” said Dave Leonard, senior vice president of Redwood Systems. “Our strong customer adoption and global expansion has  validated the increasing need for our solutions. With the Redwood Gen-3 solution and increased support for big data, we are making building-performance intelligent lighting solutions a clear choice for facility managers and commercial  property owners around the world.”

28-Aug-2013 08:37:43