Reliance Communications Strengthens Application Aware Network service

Reliance Communications has announced the expansion of its Application Aware Network service to India, enabling Indian enterprises to upgrade to an intelligent network that speeds up application performance for increased business efficiency.

Reliance Communications launches this innovative service in partnership with Riverbed. Reliance’s Application Aware Network provides visibility and control of application performance across networks and increases WAN capacity by using cutting-edge traffic optimization technologies. Even with ample bandwidth, applications performances in an enterprise may not be optimal which could impact the ability to undertake business efficiently. Reliance’s Application Aware Network is an intelligent network that upgrades and improves enterprise efficiency.

This Next Generation intelligent network delivers maximum WAN value, accelerated application performance, total network visibility and an effective solution for data centre consolidation.

Reliance Communications, with one of the most extensive fibre networks in India totalling 190,000 Kms of intercity backbone with 30,000 kilometers in access or last mil, stands in a unique position to provide diverse and robust network connections for large enterprises. As a managed service, Application Aware Network is a cost-effective and high value service with virtual plug-and-play installation.

Reliance brings to India many years of expertise in providing Application Aware Networking services to large enterprises across the globe. The service is supported by a dedicated global Center of Excellence, staffed by certified application analysts, experienced through supporting Global customers.

Reliance Application Aware Network service eliminates enterprises’ concerns about technology obsolescence, system upgrades and ongoing cost of manpower to manage complex network infrastructure. Reliance’s fully managed, 24x7 service offering allows customer to focus on core business whilst Reliance focuses on delivering the highest levels of service.

22-Mar-2012 05:09:49