Ricoh introduces innovation in Medical Image Printing

Ricoh India Ltd. a market leader in Printing & Document solutions and IT services, has unveiled an innovative printing solution that can print medical images like X-Rays on plain paper instead of conventional films. This printing solution will help in bringing down the cost of healthcare delivery, is environmental friendly and makes documentation work flows a lot easier to manage.

DICOM or Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, has revolutionized the practice of Radiology. DICOM has enabled advanced medical imaging applications that has “changed the face of clinical medicine”. From the emergency department, to cardiac stress testing, to breast cancer detection, DICOM is the standard that makes medical imaging work - for doctors and patients.

Ricoh DICOM print solution is designed specifically for healthcare sector, to meet the needs of Medical Imaging Department. Using this solution all medical images from different modalities, like X-ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, etc can be directly printed on plain paper by Ricoh MPC2003SP printer. This colored printer has been specifically customized for this process. The printing solution also impacts the environmental aspects of customer’s daily operations, as DICOM plain paper print reduces the need for chemical-based film processing and equipment, and further can be shredded and recycled.

One of the major challenges that the Indian diagnostic and health care industry faces is high print cost of medical imaging. It is also tedious to manage multiple printing devices for different medical images, and administration of various output sheets like films and papers. This conventional method and its higher running cost forces the diagnostic industry to compromise on the profits in order to ensure the customer retention. Now with Ricoh’s entry to Medical Image Printing, the cost can be reduced by 50% which will help the Industry to address the above concerns.

12-Sep-2014 11:58:47