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Samsung Initiates Samsung School

Samsung Initiates Samsung School

Samsung in partnership with Modern School , Barakhamba has launched the ‘Samsung  School’ a joint initiative to improve student learning with easy-to-use immersive technology for the digital classroom . New technology in the classroom, Samsung believes, is set to change dramatically how students learn and teachers pass on information. To lead this education revolution, Samsung has launched the ‘Samsung School’ at Modern School in collaboration with the School and Samsung R&D Center in Bangalore, SRI –Bangalore that has worked to deliver advanced solutions for the digital classroom.

Already, the widespread adoption of tablets, mobile applications, social networks and digital content is having a profound effect on students around the world. They expect their learning environment to be digital and interactive.

‘Samsung School’ solution

The Samsung School solution, includes a complete digital education package consisting of Samsung devices, software and other complimentary components that enable teachers to make lessons more dynamic by incorporating interactivity and multimedia content.

The Samsung School solution being implemented at Modern School, Barakhamba has been deployed in many Korean schools as a pilot, and is currently being implemented in more than 20 schools around the world - from Africa and Asia to Europe and North America.

Samsung has provided Modern School with a Samsung School solution package consisting of 42 GALAXY Note 10.1 units and a 65-inch interactive whiteboard. The solution gives the teacher the ability to lead interactive lessons and real-time group activities through screen and content sharing features. The technical support for the Samsung School solution will be given by SRI-Bangalore while the Course content has been worked on by the School itself. The School is also free to partner with Content providers to design the digital course content, while SRI –Bangalore will ensure smooth implementation and technical support.

7-May-2013 15:02:59