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SAP India Conferred with CIO CHOICE 2013

SAP India Conferred with CIO CHOICE 2013

SAP India has announced its selection for winning the CIO CHOICE 2013 in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) category for demonstrating a “best-in-class” ability and commitment to meet customers’ expectations and CIOs evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment. SAP India was chosen with the help of voting conducted by Centre of Recognition and Excellence. SAP India distinguished itself within the top choice or preferred vendor for the CRM ecosystem.

Customer references demonstrating satisfaction study, meeting delivery commitments and passing technology/sales assessments were some of the vital parameters reviewed in selecting the participating vendor. SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application creates a differentiation for the customers in helping them to address their short-term imperatives like cost reduction and increase decision-making ability, while achieving innovative capabilities  to compete effectively over the long term. SAP CRM solutions are uniquely positioned to address the versatile demands of Indian market and support integrated sales, service and marketing through business processes and enterprise applications.


“CIO CHOICE” is a very powerful tool for organizations in the Information & Communications Technology space to promote and market their products, services and solutions.

This B2B platform is uniquely positioned to recognize and honour products, services and solutions on the back of stated preferences of CIOs and ICT decision makers and to help marketers create a positive brand positioning for their products, services and/ or solutions by being the CIOs preferred choice.

The process for the “CIO CHOICE” recognition is conducted via an independent advisory panel of imminent CIOs and an independent survey voting from across the country with CIOs and ICT decision maker.

CIOs (customers) typically would look at a value proposition based on their own size, available budgets, future scalability and problem statement. Our approach with regards to vendor recognition is largely based on very “CUSTOMER CENTRIC” approach and related “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE”.

Most of the current vendor recognition platforms focus and emphasize heavily on revenue as one the key deciding factors while conferring vendor recognition. In a practical world – innovation, quality of services, and cost to customer are critical measures for vendor recognition.  For example if we were to rank the top 100 ICT companies basis their annual sales & revenue numbers, these wouldn’t necessarily cut the right value for Indian CIOs for making it a preferred company to work with. Another example is that of performance benchmarks conferred on ICT products do not offer holistic view of the product capabilities in the true sense to the Indian CIO for making those ICT products as preferred products to procure.

The most effective awards or recognition programs should affect and motivate a good number of vendors in the ICT domain, irrespective of size, reach and global footprint.

We understand that vendor recognition is situational. Each vendor has a preference for what he finds rewarding and how recognition is most effective for him. One vendor may enjoy flaunting the conferred recognition in public; another vendor may prefer to showcase in private, one on one meeting with customers and their personal interactions. We use the myriad components for vendor recognition that are available.

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