Schneider Electric IT Business Intros Smart-UPS VT

Schneider Electric IT Business India Pvt. Ltd. has launched the 3-Phase Smart-UPS VT with hot swappable batteries for small and medium businesses in India. The Smart-UPS VT features a 3-Phase Power Protection unit and is designed keeping in mind Indian usage conditions specifically, with features like hot swappable batteries and pull out and swappable power modules. Conventional Battery solution is generally identified as the single largest reason for UPS failures. The Hot swappable battery modules aim to replace this through monitoring and design improvements. The product is aimed at the small data centers, server rooms and network closets in India with a focus on retail, BFSI, IT/ITES, and Media

Small and medium businesses are often plagued by poor server room installations due to lack of specialized IT resources within the company resulting in  frequent system downtimes due to technical glitches,  low efficiency and poor run time of server room infrastructure. There are also frequent power cuts. The hot swappable batteries can be easily substituted without interrupting the load, thus allowing smooth working conditions. The swappable power module comes with a unique slide in/out concept that makes it easy to replace the entire module. The UPS also ensures highest efficiency of 96% at a 100% load and reduces Total Cost of Ownership by 40% over a range of 5 years.  With a battery life of 3 to 5 years it is ideal for small and medium businesses.

The Smart-UPS VT is Reliable with Double Conversion On-Line Topology - For zero transfer time and perfect regulation, flexible, allowing customers to scale up the capacity of the UPS as needed; agile, fully pre-assembled and tested, hence speeding up deployment time; and adaptable, additional internal hot swappable battery capacity for longer runtimes. The Hot swappable Battery modules are individually monitored to increase the life of the batteries.

The Smart-UPS VT also provides service level commitments such as: factory trained technician to be at their doorstep in a minimum of 4 hrs and maximum of next business day in case of any performance issue. It also comes with a 1 year warranty and is available with our leading dealers across all outlets.

10-Apr-2013 17:09:51