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Seagate Initiates Cloud Builder Alliance

Seagate Initiates Cloud Builder Alliance

 Seagate has announced the Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance, a new strategic partner category within the company’s existing Seagate Partner Program. The new program provides technical information, customer insights, market knowledge and delivers partners the tools needed to expand their businesses providing cloud storage technology. The Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance highlights system builders that design, integrate, and deliver custom servers and storage systems used in cloud data centers.

Through the Cloud Builder Alliance, partners will receive business and technology planning, sales and marketing resources, lead generation, training and certification, and system reference design development from Seagate Design Centers globally. The program will also equip members with dedicated sales tools including a cloud sales playbook, market insights and customer presentations. Select partners will collaborate with Seagate on solution development and reference designs, PR and marketing initiatives, and strategic direction and business planning. Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance participants include Ciara Technologies, Intequus, NuCloud Global, Supermicro, Xyratex, and ZT Systems to name a few.

From the perspective of system builders, the dramatic shift of application workloads to the cloud is completely changing market dynamics, and players in the cloud supply chain must deliver customized platforms that are smarter and more flexible. To gain a competitive advantage in this environment, system builders must develop the ability to  customize and optimize their solutions and launch new sales and marketing strategies that will enable them to effectively evangelize the cloud and be recognized as an industry leader.

20-Sep-2012 05:55:21