Simmtronics Tablet manufacturing capacity touches 3 lakhs per month mark

In a strategic move, Simmtronics Semiconductors Ltd has increased its Tablet manufacturing capacity to 3 lakhs per month at its manufacturing facilities in India. In order to meet the ever growing demand of Tablet’s in the country from the Corporate and the Government sector, the company has increased its tablet production capacity. Simmtronics has been manufacturing Tablets in India for the past 1 year. In addition, the company is looking at further increasing its manufacturing capacity to six lakh tablets per month by the end of 2012.

Simmtronics has an order booking of over Rs. 100 crores including Exports. Simmtronics is already exporting its Tablets to Middle East, Europe and other markets.

Simmtronics has a projection of TABLET orders of 2M Tablets in the year 2012-13. Range includes 7” and 10” Resistive and Capacitive Tablets. Simmtronics technical expertise is that Simmtronics can manufacture the Tablets to the Customers / Users technical specifications and requirements.  Simmtronics technical and R&D capability is the highest quality in India. Simmtronics is already competing with the Big Brands in the global market.

2-Apr-2012 09:40:53