Spectranet Intensifies sales force and marketing campaign with installation of Sage CRM

Sage India has revealed that the successful implementation of Sage CRM across the operations of Spectranet, an Internet Service Provider in India offering private network convergence services. The implementation has given Spectranet new found confidence to achieve a higher business growth rate; driven in by CRM advantages like improved lead generation and sales follow up. This has led to the creation of a stronger sales team and the development of a more strategic marketing campaign.

According to Spectranet senior executives, the company was in search for a highly reliable sales force automation system accompanied by marketing management campaign system that would seamlessly integrate with other existing data systems. Also, Spectranet detailed a demand for a workflow based system, which in turn would provide the company’s operations with escalations and notifications based on criterions and time.

WoodApple, Sage’s India based implementing partner, recommended the use of Sage CRM, an easy-to-use, feature-rich, wireless and Internet-based suite of applications that provides enterprise-wide access to vital customer, partner and prospect information anytime, anywhere. Once implemented, Sage CRM would give Spectranet more control, choice and information than ever.

WoodApple supervised the installation and implementation of the Sage CRM solution suite, which comprised of a 178 user pack of Sage CRM and is currently using Activity Management, Lead Management and Opportunity Management modules. The implementation of the software suite includes key functionalities like leads processing, opportunity progress, campaign management and case logging / management. The installation process took nine months to complete, which included the need to fine tune the applications and integrations before starting the first trial run. The implementation was performed through phases, starting with sales and marketing and was later followed by customer support. As a result, Spectranet has reported an increase in both efficiency and productivity, followed by improved operations as driven in by the key automation of processes.

22-Feb-2012 06:49:14