Strontium Achieves 30% share of Indian memory module market

 Strontium Technology announced that it took 30% share of the Indian PC memory module market in year 2011 at its sales conference held in Bangkok. Strontium Technology is a leading PC and flash memory producer with headquarters in Singapore. With share of almost one third of the Indian market, Strontium has the top spot among global vendors in Indian memory module market for 2011.

At Strontium Sales Conference in Bangkok, India Country Manager, Ajay Karta, said “We have established ourselves as a leading memory module manufacturer. Presently we are enjoying around 30 per cent market share for memory modules in India. For us achieving leadership position is to continue to have this 30 per cent market share this year and for the years to come. Our strength has been our channel and our service standard and moving forward we will give all the support we can to our channel with marketing and schemes. We will continue to engage our channel and consumers by keeping competitive and honest prices."

“In 2012 we will continue our focus on NAND Flash products like microSD cards, USB drives and SSD markets which have the potential for strong growth of around 20 per cent year-on-year. We will push for market share of 30 per cent in flash storage devices in 2012. We will also invest around Rs 10 crores to fund our flash products expansion plans" Ajay added.

10-Jan-2012 05:33:47