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Toshiba Acknowledge Partnersí Hard work with a Trip to Singapore

Toshiba Acknowledge Partnersí Hard work with a Trip to Singapore

As a part of its incentive program, Toshiba recently sponsored an all-expense covered four day three nights Singapore Cruise for their achieving partners. In an effort to acknowledge the hard work of the partners, Toshiba awarded them with a special trip in accordance to their performance. The partners who achieved their pre- set targets for External Hard drives and surveillance drives were rewarded with a trip. More than 80 partners across the country embarked upon the trip of a lifetime.

Toshiba and Rashi wanted their partners to go on board a Royal voyage and hence made them aboard the Superstar Gemini; known to be the princess of sea. The vessel sailed from Singapore and stopped at the beautiful Malaysian port of Penang and the archipelago islands of Langkawi.

An ecstatic Andiammal from Easy Technologies, Madurai , said, “The cruise was nothing short of royalty, No stone was left unturned, from the exquisite stay to the, to the scrumptious fine dining experience the trip was indeed a lifetime opportunity, and has motivated me to outperform in the coming years to reserve my spot.”

The partners boarded the cruise from Singapore and made port at Penang, a city of the setting sun. A fascinating fusion of the East and West, Penang embraces modernity while retaining its traditions and old world charm, had the partners in awe. The next stop of Langkawi, known for its scenic beauty; white sand beaches, has forever imprinted its scenic beauty in the hearts of the partners.

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