Toshiba flew over 80 people to the “heaven on Earth

Rashi Peripherals the “True” value added distributor along with its storage vendor, Toshiba are pleased to inform that the two have successfully concluded an incentive trip organized for over 70 partners and 10 champions.

Rashi and Toshiba recently flew over 80 people to the “heaven on Earth” Kashmir. The Partners and the champions were flown to Kashmir from across the nation. The partners and champions were put up at Gulmarg, Kashmir from the 18th to 21st of June. With city tours and trekking programs organized, to the scrumptious fine dining experience; the arrangements were flawless and worthy of loyalty. The city trips and the sightseeing have forever imprinted their scenic beauty in the hearts of the partners. Rashi and Toshiba wanted their Partners and their champions to have the time of their lives, and so they did.

“Toshiba today is one of India’s comprehensive storage providers”. Said Polad“However this feat wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the efforts put in by the partners, an incentive trip to Kashmir was our way to not only thank the partners but also recognize and appreciate their efforts,we wanted to give our partners a picturesque family holiday photo and so they did.” Mr. Polad Garda serves as the Country manager for Toshibas operations in India. 

3-Jul-2015 16:36:43