Toshiba Unveils Canvio Connect II Portable Hard Drive

Toshiba  announced the Canvio Connect II portable hard drive, a device that takes portable storage to the next level. Available with up to 3TB of storage capacity, remote access capabilities, local and cloud backup and the ability to share and stream content, the Canvio Connect II portable hard drive is an all-in-one portable storage solution.
The Canvio Connect II portable hard drive makes it simple to back up not just files and folders, but a complete system-or customize backups to your exact needs and specifications. Users can secure backups with user defined password protection, or cloud storage. With the ability to schedule backups to run automatically, the Canvio Connect II portable hard drive will take care of the rest.

Toshiba will offer portable storage with capacities up to 3TB, to accommodate ever-expanding content libraries. With a sleek, iconic design and a high gloss finish, the Canvio Connect II portable hard drive is available in five colors: black, white, blue, red and satin gold.

Digital content creation has grown exponentially. The Canvio Connect II was created with this understanding in mind,” said RyusukeKashiwabara , Senior manager of Toshiba digital media network Taiwan coporation. “With expanded storage capacity, sleek design and five vibrant color options, the Canvio Connect II takes portable hard drive storage to a new level.”

Additional features include:

Store & Backup

    Store your files in a centralized place next to your PC or Mac

    Complete backup solution for protecting digital memories

    Files & folder backup & restore

    Full system backup & recovery

    Cloud-enabled backup

    Schedule backups to run automatically

    Secure backups with user defined password-protection

Access & Share

    Access and share content from your devices anywhere via the internet

    Upload and download content from your devices easily

    Share massive files and folders instantly from the PC and Canvio Connect II HDD

    Includes 10GB of free cloud storage for storing copies of your most important files



    Access content remotely from mobile devices

    Back up content from mobile devices

    Pocket-sized, easy to carry

13-Mar-2015 07:46:12