Trend Micro Deep Discovery Earns Top Breach Detection Score in NSS Labs Testing

With a number of security companies talking a big game about detecting targeted attacks and advanced threats, Trend Micro is going beyond the hype.  And, we can back it up—big time.  In the NSSLabs Breach Detection Appliance Report released today, Trend Micro Deep Discovery 3.5 achieved the highest performance rating in overall breach detection among a field of six providers. Trend Micro was also found to have the second lowest cost of ownership. Most importantly, based on these findings, Deep Discovery has been cited as “Recommended” by NSS Labs for companies seeking a breach detection appliance.

 Interestingly, Trend Micro’s single Deep Discovery applianceoutperformed competitors that combined two products for the evaluation, further reinforcing superior innovation and performance. Deep Discovery also registered zero false positives and received a 100 percent performance rating for detecting email-based malware and exploits.With the added benefit of low cost of ownership, we believe Trend Micro is the go-to provider for breach detection.

 NSS Labs is a well-respected resource for information security professionals and offers an impartial third-party resource to identify the best security solutions on the market.

 “With the release of Deep Discovery 3.6 in January 2014, Trend Micro has set another example of our commitment to address the growing challenges global organizations faces with the onslaught of targeted attacks and advanced threats.Combined, the comprehensive protection of all of our appliances, products and solutions, enables us to deliver smart, simple security that makes the world safe for the exchange of digital information,” said Dhanya Thhakar, Managing Director, India & SEA, Trend Micro.

15-Apr-2014 10:11:32