Trend Micro Partners with Facebook

Trend Micro has announced a strategic partnership with Facebook to help educate and protect users’ digital life against malicious sites and malware. Facebook will support integration of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure, which uses cloud technology, threat correlation, and a global network of threat intelligence sensors to proactively stop malware and web threats before they reach the computer. Facebook will utilize this technology to help block malicious links from their site.  

Facebook users can now benefit from the same protection that is employed by the world’s largest businesses. When a Facebook user, on a Mac, PC or mobile device, clicks on links that have been passed to them or posted on their friend’s wall, that link will automatically (and behind the scenes) be first analysed by Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network which will perform a real-time analysis of that URL and the content of that link to determine whether it’s safe or not.  If that link is deemed unsafe, Trend Micro will warn the user that the link leads to malicious websites and malware sites. Now incorporated within Facebook’s database of external malicious URL intelligence providers, the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure delivers advanced protection from the cloud, blocking threats in real-time while processing more than 70billion URL, email, and file queries daily. Every day, Trend Micro blocks over 1.4billion threats and processes more than 300 million new URLs.

Trend Micro and Facebook will also be teaming up to promote and provide security education which will inform of the latest threat developments through on-going contributions to Facebook’s Security page, e-guides, blog posts, quizzes, videos and more.

Keeping up to the constant innovations, the Titanium 2012 edition helps the user socialize safely on the Internet. Social Networking Security feature automatically scans the wall and identifies safe and malicious links so the user knows it's safe before he clicks. A fun “skin” feature also offers consumers the opportunity to completely customize the look of their digital life protection. It provides vital protection for users who want to surf the Web hassle free. Titanium 2012 is powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure, providing consumers with robust threat protection.

1-May-2012 05:12:28