Trend Micro Rolls Out Gen-Next Mobile Security Solution for the Android Platform

 Trend Micro has announced the latest addition to Trend Micro’s Mobile arsenal, Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition, a solution designed to protect both Android smartphones and tablets that includes a free app scanner, lost device protection and enhanced security to block threats while surfing the Web, calling or texting.

In January 2011, Trend Micro introduced Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android during CES in Las Vegas, NV. Early features included:

•     Safe surfing  •   Parental controls •Download protection • Call and text filtering


As Android devices gain in popularity so does its use from cybercriminals.  Trend Micro’s threat researchers have tracked new threats targeting Android devices growing at 800% since February 2011. In this version, which also follows the release of Trend Micro’s Enterprise solution, Trend Micro Mobile Security 7, a consumer’s mobile devices will be better protected based on the new data that has been discovered over the last six months. New and enhanced features include:

•    New App Scanner •   New Lost Device Protection •    Enhanced Surf, Call, and Text Security

With the sheer amount of personal information now being stored and transacted via these devices it is imperative that misplaced devices be recoverable or the sensitive information deleted. Not only do these devices allow a 3rd party to run up phone and data bills, but they could potentially grant access to online banking, social networking and in some cases even provide access to home automation systems including doors and alarms.

Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition is available via the Android Market and major retail stores. While the app scanner is free, the premium services, including Lost Device Protection and Surf, Call, Text Security are available for Rs 455 for a 2 years license.

24-Feb-2012 05:38:09