Trend Micro Unveils TITANIUM 2012 for Enhanced security

Trend Micro Incorporated has released Titanium 2012 version, which revolutionize in ensuring maximum security, delivered with optimal performance and ease-of-use. Trend Micro’s Titanium 2012 certifies speed & performance, automatic protection & defense and has an intuitive interface. Titanium is quite light on the system resources and uses less of the PC’s memory and disk space, so it won’t slow the PC down.

Titanium 2012 focuses on providing Maximum protection for the digital life. It authenticates wireless hotspots and Wi-Fi networks. Keeping up to the constant innovations, the 2012 edition helps the user socialize safely on the Internet. Social Networking Security feature automatically scans the wall and identifies safe and malicious links so the user knows it's safe before he clicks. In addition, the latest edition protects the smartphones and tablets including Android devices, Symbian, iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Windows. The all-new edition also comes with friendly and adjustable parental controls. Without having to look over their shoulders, one can easily protect his children from inappropriate websites, limit their time on the Internet, and see detailed activity reports about what they do online. The Parental Controls can be quickly customized as well.

21-Nov-2011 11:00:36