Unistal Signs Up With Wipro as an OEM Partner

 Unistal has signed up an agreement with Wipro Limited for a minimum of 200000 quantity of three of its utility products to be bundled along with Wipro computers, to be shipped within 12 months.These 3 utilities software include Unistal’s flagship OEM product Crash Proof –The Data Loss Prevention software, Data Wipe- The Permanent File deletion Software and Port Locker- The Data Leakage/Data Theft Prevention software.

With Crash proof Wipro Desktop users will get following key benefits:

 •   Recovery of lost or deleted data against all kind of logical crashes.

•   More profits with No loss of data and No down time.

•   Revive the disk back to the working condition in most of the logical crashes.

Data wipe provides the following benefits to the users:

• It secures your deleted data from any kind of theft by wiping it permanently.

•  It applies media transfer policy as per the company policy without giving data along.

•  It deletes data in such a way that it cannot be recovered from any data recovery software.

With Port Locker user gets the following benefits:


•  It safely stores your data inside the system so there is no risk of data loss/theft.

•  It restricts unauthorized access to open blocked ports.

• It restricts file transfer from one system to another using flash drive.

•  It provides flexibility to user to block all computer ports as per the requirement.

•  Access to removable drives can be restricted.

•  Ports are automatically blocked when system gets idle.

 The bundle of these 3 utilities will be called Wipro 3 in 1 pack and will be coming pre installed from the Wipro factory.

21-Feb-2013 06:10:24