Uttarakhand Association Elects New Team For 2017-18

Uttaranchal IT Traders Association  has announced the names of the executive team formed soon after the elections.Elections of UITTA were conducted recently and two nominations for the post of president were filled in the election process. Sandeep Tomar of Mahalaxmi Computers and Lalan Singh of CPL INDIA were the nominees, as per reports.

Sandeep Tomar won the elections and formed his executive committee of 7 members. Sandeep soon after winning greeted the members said, “I wish to thank each and every person for the support to begin the new working year. I promise you all that this year will be a great year full of activities and welfare. As you all are aware I have been in this association for 10 years so this year I will need the support and valuable advice of all the members”.

The new for the year 2017-18 includes, Sandeep Tomar ( President), Ashish Rekhi (Vice President), Shekhar Mahadevan ( Secretary), Anil Agarwal (Treasurer) and the committee members included Anil Semwal, Vijay Bidla and Sushant Saxena.

Secretary Shekhar Mahadevan said, the new team will be full-fledgedly focus on GST and plans are on to have sessions and trainings on GST-related issues. “The biggest challenge according to us is the fair-play market. We are afraid, post-GST, the small and medium players in the market might suffer not being able to provide the price which a national distributor will not provide”, he concluded.

21-Jul-2017 07:11:14