Verbatim Hits the Indian Market with internal SSD

 Verbatim has announced the launch of its SATA II Internal SSD in Indian market. The newly launched internal SSD is characterised as rugged, fast and quiet operation. It is equipped with SATA II interface which offers speed up to 3GB/sec.

Verbatim SATA II SSD is ideal storage solution for users who demand maximum performance in data storage and computer efficiency.  It is capable of reading up to 270MB/sec for high performance data storage. Its low power consumption makes it a perfect choice for laptop as it conserves laptop battery life.  

With Verbatim’s SATA Internal SSD, the user can experience improved system responsiveness as it provides faster system boot-up, application launch and shutdown times.

This internal SSD also offers TRIM support for Windows 7, which enables the user to wipe out unused data in the SSD internally.

Verbatim’s SATA Internal SSD has a MTBF rating of one million hours whereas typical disk drives for personal computers have MTBF ratings of about 500,000 hours.

This internal SSD is available in 128GB and 64GB storage capacity. Along with internal SSD, the package includes 3.5” drive bay adapter plate and power cable for optional desktop installations.

The solid-state drive has a sturdy design and is resistant to shocks and vibrations. This reliable solid-state design features 1500G shock rating.

These SSD are backed by a 3-year limited warranty at a price starting from Rs. 5500 onwards.

27-Mar-2012 11:50:32