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ViewSonic offers free 30-Day DOA Service

ViewSonic offers free 30-Day DOA Service

ViewSonic Corp., a global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communication solutions, announces to provide free 30-day Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) service from 1st November to 31st December, 2015, for the selected range of Ultra HD monitors, including VX2475SMH-4K, VX2573-SHW, VX2573-sg, and VP2780-4K. ViewSonic has been devoted to providing customers in India with high-performance products and guaranteed excellent service. Consumers can now apply for this special service by registering their newly-purchased ViewSonic products online at the official website

Register now and obtain the free warranty service!

The 30-day DOA Service Policy is valid only for customers in India. To apply for this free 30-day DOA service, consumers must first register on ViewSonic website, and call the ViewSonic India toll free customer service hotline, 1800-419-0959 or 120-612-1200.  The original purchasing invoice or receipt must be kept as proof of purchase; purchase date, name & address, serial number of the product, and detailed description of the problem have to be provided to complete the application process. Viewsonic’s pick-up service will then arrive on site to verify the situation, and the complete package of product (with all original accessories included) shall be collected along with the original invoice copy. Within few days, ViewSonic will offer a full replacement for the returned product.

 Terms and conditions:

1.   End user must register on Viewsonic website:  to get this qualification.

2.  This DOA 30 day policy period: 1st Nov. 2015 to 31st Dec. 2015. (The original receipt or invoice is required for proof of purchase date.)

3.       Application deadline: 31st Dec. 2015 (Any overdue application should be deemed invalid.)

4.       DOA definition - when the product has

Ø   No power

Ø   No video

Ø   OSD (On Screen Display) malfunction

5.       NON-DOA definition, when the product has:

Ø   All In specification and workable since it can be aligned

Ø   Compatible problem

Ø   Damage caused during the transportation

6. If the return unit is NDF (No Defect Found), ViewSonic will reserve the right to return the original unit to End User.

7.  If the return unit is in dead pixel criteria (20" & greater LCD's at 7 bright sub-pixels, 7 dark sub-pixels, or a combination of 7), ViewSonic will reserve the right to return the original unit to End User.

8.This DOA 30 days policy pursuant to event page specification published prevail

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