Vu Televisions launches Cost-effective Quad-Core 50 and 55 4K Ultra HD TVs on

 Vu Televisions, the California-based luxury television company, today announced the launch of their 50” and 55” 4K Ultra HD TVs exclusively on, India’s largest online marketplace.

With the motto of “luxury in technology”, Vu 4K Ultra HD TVs are nearly half the price of similar products from the competition – Rs. 89,900 for the 50” versus Samsung’s 48” 4K TV at Rs. 1,59,556, and Rs.1,19,000 for the 55” versus Sony’s equivalent model at a market price of Rs. 2,18,000. In fact, Vu delivers more value to customers with the world’s first Quad-Core graphics engine giving an accelerated Ultra HD experience that can upscale basic set-top box content to more detailed and sharper images.

Vu Televisions, is a market leader in affordable large size TV category, and is a consumer favourite for its company direct support, price and innovation. Avoiding brand ambassador costs, Vu’s lakhs of customers have become their brand ambassadors giving Vu Televisions a five star rating on e-commerce websites.

Devita Saraf, CEO and Design Head, Vu Televisions commented at the product launch “The Television is treated as a family member in India, and excellent picture quality and service enhance this experience. Our TVs are the only A+ grade panels in India, which is the top 15% of all the world’s television production. With our Ultra HD Range, we make large size TVs even more advanced and yet affordable”.

Indian customers are increasingly moving online to get the best deals on electronics with majority of the e-commerce business coming from electronics.  The Ultra HD TVs by VU will be available in 380 locations across India with direct shipping and service from Vu’s ISO 9000 certified customer service center, the only company to have this distinction in the entire televisions industry.

11-Sep-2014 16:05:38