WishTel Tablets facilitates Olympics watch

Wish Tel the makers of low-cost and highly effective tablets IRA and IRA Thing 2, has announced Go App for viewing London Olympics 2012. This app will be available exclusively on all WishTel tablets.

Designed and developed by WishTel, the Olympics on Go App will enable user to watch 3500 hours of sports, coverage every event in every game, games schedule and also update users on the results and important announcements that are made at the Olympics. The app will keep users and game lovers updated on all the events and happenings of the Olympics 2012 where they are. Whether travelling or at work, the Go App that will let you not miss any moment of the year’s biggest sports event.

The app is first to promote concept of Catch up TV on tablets. This app is social in nature and will let you share , connect or have conversations with friends on facebook or twitter. The app is armed with 3G dongle connectivity and can also be used on Wi-Fi.

7-Aug-2012 10:24:06