Zenith Infotech Intros TigerCloud powered by Intel Xeon processor

Zenith Infotech has announced the launch of its new product TigerCloud which is primarily aimed at mid-size organisations. TigerCloud is a high performance private cloud product that combines server, storage and network virtualization technology and allows customers to build and have their own sophisticated private clouds at costs lower than public clouds. Based on Intel Xeon E3 processor family, TigerCloud is a three-in-one product, combining private cloud, business continuity & backup as well as scale out iSCSI storage. 

Zenith Infotech’s TigerCloud costs 70% less than similar converged infrastructure products from the major multinationals. Based on Intel Xeon E3 processor family, Intel DBS1200BTS board and Intel 320 series SSDs, TigerCloud is a high performance system and is built around Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology. Zenith Infotech has invested over Rs.200 crore on R&D for its private cloud products.

Commenting on the new private cloud computing solution, Akash Saraf, Chief Executive Officer of Zenith Infotech, said, “We are proud to announce the launch of TigerCloud, a Private Cloud Computing solution, based on Intel Xeon E3 processors. This solution will help both mid-sized as well as large organisations to build their own private clouds at costs lower than public clouds. “TigerCloud” as a product is speedier, smarter and stronger and will endeavour to meet the challenging demands and expectations of organisations”.

Debjani Ghosh, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing Group, Intel, South Asia, said, “SMBs with limited resources, and who would like access to the cloud in order to stay productive and agile, will benefit from TigerCloud based on Intel Xeon E3 processors. The Intel Xeon E3 processor delivers intelligent and adaptive performance, and reliability – features that would be beneficial to SMBs. Its built-in 24/7 dependability and advanced security features help users stay focused on their business - responding quickly to customers, opportunities, and trends”.

30-Apr-2012 12:29:50