ZyXEL ranked among Top 25 most Competitive Company among Asia’s Top 300

ZyXEL Communications has announced that the “Boao Forum for Asia” (BFA) has acknowledged ZyXEL’s ranking of 24th place for combined competitiveness among Asia’s top 300 public companies. This ranking of competitiveness is based on Boao Forum for Asia’s own index system and a data model with very high academic values.

The index system includes two main portfolios with four and seventeen indexes to each portfolio respectively. The four indexes in portfolio one define the evaluated company’s competencies in four aspects – fundamentals, development, profitability and risk-resistance. Justifications concerning the four competencies are derived from collective analysis of the company’s financial performance in 2011 by seventeen indexes in portfolio two. Along with BFA’s in-depth studies on the competitiveness of 37 economies in Asia, over 300 public companies in 41 stock exchanges located in Asia and the Oceana region were included as part of the studies. In addition to combined competitive performance, the report ranks the companies and provides detailed analysis on the top 50 companies based on different areas and industries as well.

ZyXEL ranks as the 24th most competitive public company in combined performance among Asia’s top 300 companies, while it stands 3rd amongst Taiwan companies. In the networking-communications equipment industry group, ZyXEL is “number-one” out of ten, demonstrating its outstanding performance and competitiveness.

Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), committed to promoting regional economic integration and to bringing Asian countries even closer to their developmental goals, is the most prestigious and premier forum for leaders in government, business and academia in Asia and other continents, in sharing long-range visions on the most pressing issues in this dynamic region and the world at large.

2-Apr-2012 09:41:24